The charity organisation “PitBullHelp Charitable Fund” was created with the aim of helping homeless and abandoned dogs of American Staffordshire Terriers and Pitbulls.
Ours team of volunteers working around the clock in Kyiv Ukraine, and we helping homeless dogs over the country. We are the founders of the Fund, and also we are the owners of dogs of the breeds a American Staffordshire Terriers and a Pit Bulls. Our dogs was not bought in kennels and do not have multi-page pedigrees, noble blood, exhibition titles and awards. All of them was abandoned and offended and became homeless and got a bad life experience. Yes-yes, they was homeless even all of our own or wards dogs was not been born on the street. They were dumped on the streets or in the forest or was abused and tortured by former owners. Some of owners wasn’t able to raise a dog or some doesn’t have enough money to take care of the dog or some dog’s owners moved abroad or some dog’s owners had a child and many other reasons. By now these dogs have lovely homes, family and happy life.
We wants to help Staffordshire Terriers and Pit Bulls as much as possible to be again beloved and happier than they deserve! We have extensive experience of rescue and rehabilitation of American Staffordshire Terriers and Pit Bulls from been living in horrible condition or being homeless on the street. We have a hope and great desire to change the stigma and bad reputation for these breeds in the world and specifically in Ukraine. Our helpers and volunteers of our non-for-profit organisation so enthusiastic and wishful that we knows for sure that we will change and improve the situation. Our future goals is to open a proper shelter for American Staffordshire Terriers and Pit Bulls that have been suffer and abuse by bad humans

We and our rescued lovely dogs and other animals will be very appreciate for any helps and support !!!


Breed: American Pitbull Terrier
Gender: female (spayed)
Year of birth: 2015
Character: Shows aggression towards other animals !!!

Meet this girl’s name Michelle. It so happened that she fell into the hands of a dysfunctional owner, who used her in breeding and fighting. The short-haired dog had to live on the street and beg for food for herself and her little ones from passers-by.
Michelle was bought out in an emaciated state, she was very sick and neglected. We examined the animal and provided it with the necessary veterinary care.
Now we are looking for the most reliable responsible owner for this disadvantaged girl.
Michel is the most beautiful dog in the world – Pit Bull Terrier. She will become an excellent friend and companion for her master.
She is about 4 years old. She is a kind, gentle, timid creature with a Hollywood smile ♥ ️
MICHEL is: ♥ ️Healthy; ♥ ️Sterilized; ♥ ️Vaccinated; ♥ ️Processed from parasites.

Over 25 years old; To a home without small children; To the house without other dogs; To an apartment or a private house (with living in house).MICHEL CAN’T BE ADOPTED: for protection/security; for battles/fights; for as a gift to third parties; people under 25; people living in rented property; unemployed people; for being on chain; for living in doghouse or in aviary.
If this girl conquered you and you interested adopting Michel, please call us: +380962741095 Alyona
Without your support we can’t make it happen!!! Thank you!!!


English version will appear soon 🙂


The main needs is free a foster housing (temporary accommodation and care) for our dogs. It would be great if you could help us with foster housing (temporary accommodation and care) – for any period, from short-term to long-term.
We have several options for paid retention (temporary accommodation and care), the cost ranges from 2000 UAH ($70-75 US) per month with food (for problem-free behavior and health of dogs), up to 6000 UAH ($210-250 US) per month without food (for dogs with behavioral problems) and plus on top of th145 UAH ($5-7 US) per day (for dogs with health problems). Therefore that for our dogs very important any financial support.
Finances – for foster housing (temporary accommodation and care), for the purchase of food and medicine.
Cells – №5 and №6, we will be happy to accept as a gift both new and used.
Used bed linen, blankets, mattresses, blankets to keep our dogs warm in the cold season.
Office supplies – files, folders, office books, paper for printing advertisements, etc.
Assistance in the press of advertising booklets, banners, handouts, business cards, etc.
Assistance in PR of our wards – in social networks, orally, payment of tops on OLX, distribution of printed materials.
Thank you for your any help!


When a dog comes under our care, regardless of age and appearance, we carry out a number of mandatory actions: Examination in the veterinary clinic: general and biochemical blood test, blood test for microfilariae. According to the evidence, ultrasound, skin scraping, cytology, blood tests for pathogens and other in-depth studies.
Determine who oversees the dog (curator – is a person who makes key decisions about the dog: communicates with people in whom the dog is temporarily stay, as well as clinics, with potential new owners, decides on the adoption to a new family).
The dog is placed in a temporary foster house of residence and care.
The dog receives the prescribed treatment.
The dog is neutered – our dogs do not be adopted not being sterilized! This is one of the main key principles of our work, thus we restrain the growth of non-breeding dogs of American Staffordshire Terriers and Pit Bulls breeds and prevent the appearance of dogs of this breed on the streets and in shelters.
After completion of all medical procedures and sterilization, the dog is operated on all available and effective advertising platforms for adoption.
The dog moves to a new owner for a probationary period with the mandatory signing of a contract.
At the end of the probationary period, in the presence of the curator, the new owner touches the dog, after which the dog is re-registered on behalf of the curator on the name of the new owner in the utility company responsible for keeping animals in the city.
If it is impossible to keep the dog by a new owner (regardless of the length of stay in the new house), we take the animal back under ours care.