When a dog comes under our care, regardless of age and appearance, we carry out a number of mandatory actions: Examination in the veterinary clinic: general and biochemical blood test, blood test for microfilariae. According to the evidence, ultrasound, skin scraping, cytology, blood tests for pathogens and other in-depth studies.
Determine who oversees the dog (curator – is a person who makes key decisions about the dog: communicates with people in whom the dog is temporarily stay, as well as clinics, with potential new owners, decides on the adoption to a new family).
The dog is placed in a temporary foster house of residence and care.
The dog receives the prescribed treatment.
The dog is neutered – our dogs do not be adopted not being sterilized! This is one of the main key principles of our work, thus we restrain the growth of non-breeding dogs of American Staffordshire Terriers and Pit Bulls breeds and prevent the appearance of dogs of this breed on the streets and in shelters.
After completion of all medical procedures and sterilization, the dog is operated on all available and effective advertising platforms for adoption.
The dog moves to a new owner for a probationary period with the mandatory signing of a contract.
At the end of the probationary period, in the presence of the curator, the new owner touches the dog, after which the dog is re-registered on behalf of the curator on the name of the new owner in the utility company responsible for keeping animals in the city.
If it is impossible to keep the dog by a new owner (regardless of the length of stay in the new house), we take the animal back under ours care.